About Blake Rubin

Blake Rubin decided at a young age to pursue a career in real estate since it was the family business.

Today, he is a real estate developer that travels the continental United States purchasing land and property.

His parents were both real estate developers, and Blake decided to follow in their footsteps after realizing that there was nothing more in this world that he knew more than real estate.

Real estate development is run just like any other business. They build their product (real estate property), and look for a buyer or renter to amass a revenue stream that is suitable to continue the business.


Blake Rubin is responsible for the overall operations of developing the real estate project that he is assigned to for the time being. He is typically responsible for multiple development projects at a time, as he normally likes to hit multiple projects in one city to be present for the construction and negotiations.

Blake travels all over the United States, as he believes it is vital to understand everything the area that he is developing real estate in. He takes his time in getting to know the culture of each city to fully understand what his market is like. Being able to understand the marketability of a piece of land is a major proponent in real estate development. A lot of individuals in the industry falter at misjudging the market demand for a certain type of real estate in a specific area. Understanding the US economy is essential to the position, and Blake Rubin makes sure that he keeps up to date with the latest trends in the economy.

Another important aspect in the industry is networking. Real estate can be a very profitable field, as long as you know and keep up with the right people. Making viable interpersonal connections is critical to maintaining a strong business relationship, and Blake follows this closely for his business.

When Blake Rubin is not adhering to one of his many development projects, he is spending time playing basketball, following up on his philanthropy projects, and learning the various cultures that make up the United States of America. Blake believes that truly understanding people is vital to his industry, and he makes sure that he takes the time to learn as much as he can about the individuals to create the best possible product.