Blake Rubin Biography


Blake RubinBlake Rubin has been fascinated with photography since he was a child. As he grew the fascination evolved into a career. He was enchanted by what he viewed from the lens of a camera and he let his imagination run wild. The photographs he takes pull the viewers into the scene and captivate the senses. He attended college and took every class in photography they offered. He learned new techniques, angles and the importance of the background and foreground. One he combined his natural talent and education his photographs were beyond breathtaking.

Blake Rubin takes photographs filled with emotion. His images bring forth happiness, sadness, anger, curiosity and intrigue. He is an expert at weaving mystery through his photographs with the use of shadow and light. He does not shoot just any image because his talent is in how he relates to what he photographs. Blake pays attention to the season, the time of day, the position of the sun or moon and most especially how these factors influence his emotions.

Blake Rubin has traveled extensively. His photographs reflect different cultures, ethnicities and lifestyles. His images are memorable because they pull emotions from the viewers. They tell a story of the life of a child in an impoverished village, the delight in the eyes at Christmas and the love of a mother for her child. His subject matter is engaging, meaningful and draws the eyes directly to the subject. He is an expert at the technical aspect of photography but his true gift is within his heart. His use of light and color enhances his images and dazzles his viewers.

Blake has spoken of his work and stated he wants to engage his viewers and ensure they relate to what he has photographed. He wants the viewer to understand the story he is telling through his subject, composition, lighting and angle. One of his series was taken in Switzerland. He brought the mountains to life, portrayed the eerie feel of some of the frozen lakes and brought the magnificence of a sunset into the hearts of his viewers. He has the ability to capture landscapes in a unique and poignant manner.

Last year Blake toured Italy. He visited the large cities and the small villages. He expressed the beauty of the architecture, statues, fountains and arches. Some of his images transported his viewers to another place in another time. The contrast between the way the people live in the cities and their lives in small villages was heart rending. He photographed a young girl with some of the native flowers in her hair. The beauty of the flowers in comparison to the sadness in her eyes was unbelievable. Blake is currently planning to travel to the tropics because he has become interested in underwater photography.

Blake has additionally experimented with portrait photography. He has managed to capture the nuances in facial expressions capable of portraying the current emotions of his subject. He believes the emotion aspects of a photographs are more important than technical expertise. An excellent example is the image he captured of a young boy sitting on a tire swing. The child appeared to be lost in though and was not looking directly at the camera. There was a wistfulness in his expression and the image had a lonely feel. The shadows were caressing his face in an unsettling manner and the light was in sharp contrast. There was a glow similar to a halo surrounding his head. The viewers were drawn to this child because his expression touched their emotions. This is the creative genius Blake manages to incorporate into his images.